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 about me 

Height: 5"10   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Black

I started writing in high school. I am an actor, model, and screenplay writer as well as a novelist. I grew up on the South Side of Chicago which figures greatly in my stories. I have worked many odd jobs which give me excellent source material for my books. I hope to reach wider audiences with my work.



Beverly Arts Center  |  Pegasus Players | Cop/#1 Gangster

Beverly Arts Center  | Jesus Christ Superstar | Roman Soldier

Beverly Arts Center  | Christmas Carol | Bob Crachett


Lakeshore Drive |  2017  |  Supporting Actor


Harris Bank | Bulls Commercial


​ADP   |  Security Commercial

 Special Skills 

Throughout my career, I’ve constantly pushed myself as a sublime Actor in order to hone my craft - from meticulously studying the great performances to taking on a wide variety of roles. I’ve worked hard at developing my own artistic voice and making sure

I stand out in the acting scene.

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